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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dementia Care Notes: Excellent Resource for Caregivers by Swapna Kishore

Dementia Care Notes!: Resources, tips, caregiver stories for dementia caregivers in India

This DEMENTIA CARE NOTES® site offers information, resources, and caregiver stories that could help dementia caregivers. It is intended for family caregivers of persons with dementia, friends, colleagues, and anyone concerned about dementia care in India.

Most families don’t know that dementia cannot be cured. No medicine can slow down the diseases causing a patient’s dementia. That is, no medicine can slow the rate of brain damage. Some medicines give some relief from symptoms for some forms of dementia, but these don’t help all patients. Dementia goes on for many years and the patient needs more and more help with time. Given that medicines give only limited relief, good care is very important for the patient’s well-being. If families understand dementia, they can find better ways to plan and provide care. Everyone will be less stressed.

Many caregivers are confused by conflicting explanations of dementia. One such aspect is how dementia affects persons. Some reports show dementia patients as passive persons, unable to do anything; phrases used include “not quite there” or “absent”. This is misleading. Persons with dementia can lead active and fulfilling lives if given suitable support. Some other reports show patients as unreasonable, agitated, and violent. But not all patients show agitation or other worrying behavior. Also, many factors affect behavior and worrisome behavior can be reduced by adjusting things like the patient’s environment, activities, and interactions. The Dementia Care Notes site provides information to help families understand dementia and care. We also include relevant links and resources. We hope this will make the dementia care journey smoother and more effective for everyone.

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